Mac Rebel Lipstick is a Full-Lipped, Chocolate Girl’s Dream

Dear Beauts: I remember getting teased on the playground because of my big lips. There was this girl named Nicole (Okay. I don’t remember her name, but let’s just call her Nicole) and… Continue reading

‘Transracial’ is not a Thing. ‘Transracial’ will Never be a Thing.

Before I get into the sinus migraine that will hereafter be referred to as Rachel Dolezal, lemme tell you a quick story. I remember taking a constitutional law class that focused upon the… Continue reading

The Social Media Conundrum

I remember a recent conversation that I had with an old friend that I hadn’t seen in about two years. Over lunch, we exchanged various updates regarding our professional, as well as our… Continue reading

I’m Chocolate…not ‘Dark’ Skinned

  I remember being on the Halsted Street bus one night on my way back to my UIC dorm on the east campus. After a long night of pretending to have fun with… Continue reading

Colorful Dresses, ‘The Woman I Wanted to Be’ and the Friday Conundrum

So…you’re probably wondering what colorful dresses have to do with Fridays, conundrums and Diane von Furstenberg’s book, The Woman I Wanted to be. Well then, welcome to the randomness that will hereafter be referred to as ‘my… Continue reading

Rejections and Revlon Bubbly Nail Polish

“Dear Alexis: Thank you for your interest in the _______ position with ________.  Unfortunately…” Blah, Blah, BLAH. The rest of the words in a rejection email might as well be a blank line. I cannot begin… Continue reading